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At Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream you can be assured you're enjoying

the freshest ice cream around.

Not only is our ice cream creamy, fresh and light but what really sets us apart is our

ice cream making process, our skillful and friendly staff and our incredible presentation.

At Swirl every ice cream is a unique work of art!

We wanted to ensure that our ice cream is not only beautiful and satisfying to watch

being crafted but that every mouthful is pure love...

To do so we needed to perfect our ice cream recipe.

Made within hours and frozen within seconds before it's sold we had no use for 

stabilizers, preservatives, egg, gelatin or powders and never will, making it one of the only ice creams available with none of the above!

With over three years experience, an unchanged recipe and an ever growing menu

our brand is bursting with love for our ice cream, our people and our customers. 

Swirl. The Ice Cream experience. 




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